Press work


Of course we publish press releases for the events and exhibitions organized and executed by us.

A small collection of published press releases (without any claim regarding completeness) is also posted here on the WebSite of Art & Promotion. The messages are scanned, thus loading of the pages may take a little while.


People's Bank (Volksbank) Hoya 2008 Autumn 2008 - A view across the borders in the People's Bank of the county of Hoya
Robert-Koch-Hospital 2006 Autumn 2006 - Coloured accents in the district hospital Gehrden (nearby Hannover)
Park Residence 2002 Spring 2002 - Fresh breeze in the Alstertal Senior Center
Am Leuchtturm 2002 Winter 2002 - Paintings in old Flemish style at river Elbe
Zum Baecker 2001 Autumn 2001 - colours and fantasy directly on the beach of river Elbe
LANtana 2001 Summer 2001 - art in the industrial area of Ahrensburg
»Art Mile Osterstrasse« Summer 2000 - »the longest art exhibition of the world« in Hamburg Eimsbuettel
»Die Blume« A different group of artists
»Escape« Exhibition in an internet café
Airport Hotel Group exhibition of »Die Blume« in the Airport Hotel Hamburg
Hotel Bellevue Exhibition in the Hotel Bellevue Hamburg